12 restaurants to visit in 2017

Throughout the year I will be dishing up the crème de la crème of dining experiences in Milan. Only one restaurant will be chosen each month by myself and locals that we recommend trying. It might be a new opening, an old place, traditional Milanese dishes or food from other regions or countries. Check-in every month to see the eatery that has made it to the list.


January – Trattoria del Corso


Address: Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 12, 20121 Milano

Born with the concept to be a restaurant for the guests to feel as if they were at home, which can be seen on the menu. Dishes such as fondue and bourguignon which not only are delicious but give customers an experience to remember.

Tip: I recommend trying the bourguignonne di carne misto for a unique dining experience. Starting with a bowl of zeppoline, followed by all you can eat pork, beef and turkey which you cook in the oil and a side of potatoes and ending with chocolate fondue for dessert.

Cost per person: approx. 25€


February – Marghe

Currently jumping on every foodies place to try is this month’s restaurant of choice, Marghe, a pizzeria with two locations in Milan. The unique aspect of this pizzeria lies in their short menu, offering only 7 different types of pizza, each made with locally sourced fresh produce. Don’t overlook dessert, as the Marghe ring shouldn’t be missed! A doughnut ring filled with chocolate sauce.


Tip: I recommend pizza number 2 and number 4 plus, the Marghe ring for a sweet treat.

Cost per person: approx. €15

Now, this is a pizzeria you’ll want to grab a slice of, where each bite will bring you happiness.


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